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Our desire to minister among the Deaf fits in with the second of these two planks: we want to produce and proliferate a captivating, chronological gospel tool in ASL, to make God’s story and message as clear as possible TO THE DEAF!


Partnering with ROCK will allow us to continue to live in Lynchburg while tapping into ROCK’s impressive network of people and resources to pursue the vision God has put on our hearts – producing materials in American Sign Language (ASL) to minister to the Deaf; discipling those who know Christ and evangelizing those who don’t.

God has led my wife, Karen, and I to partner with a wonderful organization called ROCK International (


ROCK International's Two-fold purpose:

  1. To build the bridge between a child’s reality and their God-given potential through holistic care that touches their lives for time and eternity; to be a channel for projects offering Relief, Opportunity, and Care for Kids in the midst of danger, abuse, and neglect (ROCKids).

  2. To produce and proliferate multi-language, captivating, chronological gospel tools that make God’s story and message clear to people of all ages and cultures; to be a source for Resources Of Crucial Knowledge in a confused world (ROCK Resources).


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