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Mission Statement:


To encourage and assist the Deaf in knowing Christ more

intimately and making Him known to the rest of the Deaf community.


A Three-pronged Strategy:


1. Develop sound Biblical materials in American Sign Language for the Deaf


A. To encourage, equip and enable the Deaf to evangelize the rest of the Deaf community

B. To disciple, edify and empower the saved 


At 98% unreached, the Deaf are the largest unreached people group in North America, and one of the largest in the world. Because the Deaf are a very close-knit community, and the hearing are often viewed as outsiders, it is our strong conviction that, in order to reach the Deaf on this massive scale, it is imperative that we equip those who are already believers in the Deaf community to reach other Deaf individuals for Christ. We hope to produce high-quality materials, signed in ASL by Deaf signers, to accomplish these objectives.



2. Raise awareness among the Hearing Church of the great need of the Deaf

Everywhere I go, I find that fellow believers among the hearing are shocked to hear the Deaf in America are regarded as “98% unreached.” The natural tendency is to assume because they are deaf, and not blind, that the wealth of printed materials available in English ought to do the trick! What is not understood, of course, is that a great majority of Deaf simply are not readers of materials printed in English. English is not their primary language, and it is not the language of their hearts. ASL is!



3. Teaching the Bible to the Deaf as we become more fluent in ASL

We are profoundly burdened with the need for sound teaching of Biblical truth for the Deaf. Too many of these precious people were brought to church regularly by their parents all through their childhood, but understood little or nothing of what was taught. As we continue to gain more fluency in ASL, and as we fellowship with the Deaf at our Deaf Church and elsewhere, we hope to have opportunities to conduct small group Bible studies and look for other opportunities to draw on 30 years experience as a Bible teacher in the hearing community.


Purpose of this Website: 

To help the hearing peer into the Deaf world that, through understanding, prayer, and action, we may empower the Deaf to know Christ and make Him known

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