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Growing in Grace for the Deaf

No blessing compares to being able to learn from God’s Word in your own heart language!

That’s why Living Word Deaf Church of Lynchburg, Virginia, has produced Growing in Grace for the Deaf, the visual adaptation of Ernest Richards’ book, Growing in Grace: Biblical Studies to Establish the Believer in Christ.


This resource is provided free of charge to Deaf churches, Bible study leaders, and individuals who seek to know God's grace in a deeper way and to grow in their love for Him, but who prefer the language of signs to reading a printed text. It is our prayer that this video series will be used by our Lord Jesus Christ to proclaim the wonders of his Grace to the ASL community—and beyond! ​

Additional Resources

Augment your journey through the Growing in Grace for the Deaf video series with the following bonus material.

Reading Glasses on Book

Download our study guide to assist you as you work through the Growing in Grace video series.

Cafe Collage

Review the images and illustrations used in the videos along with brief explanatory captions.

Chuch Choir

Live in the Lynchburg, VA, area and want to connect with a thriving and growing group of Deaf believers? Connect with us on our Facebook page and drop us a line.

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