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  • Ernest Richards

Not everyone heard "the Slap Heard 'Round the World"

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Ok, “the slap” ROCK-ed the world — I get it.

But forget the slap for just one measly minute, WILL ya?

(See what I did there? “ROCK?” “WILL?" Clever, or what??)

Besides Chris Rock and Will Smith, somebody else stood up there on that stage for one golden moment, and he didn’t hit or insult anyone.

TROY KOTSUR is a guy you may have never heard of before this year’s Oscars. But he has shown the world that there certainly is talent, GREAT talent, among the Deaf community within our own American culture.

In fact, CODA, a movie about the struggles and triumph of a young “hearing” girl who loves to sing, but whose whole family besides herself are all profoundly deaf, took not one, but THREE coveted Academy awards Sunday night!

This brings long overdue attention and awareness to the very precious Deaf people who live silently in our midst.

And that is just cause for celebration.

The Deaf are 95-98% unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here’s something else you may not have known:

The Deaf are considered 95-98% unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. According to Wycliffe Bible Translators and the International Mission Board, that makes them the largest unreached people group on the planet.

Mhmm . . . yep.

UNREACHED with the Gospel. Largest group on the planet.

Right here in the good ol' U.S. of A.

My one nagging thought is this:

What if this great Deaf talent could be channeled towards ETERNAL goals?

What if even a portion of all the new sparkly spotlight on the Deaf community (which STILL isn’t near enough, btw!) could be focused on reaching the Deaf around us with the Gospel of Christ?

What if these extraordinary artists who are Deaf themselves could be convicted of the need and bring their own sizeable gifts and abilities to the transcendent cause of evangelizing other Deaf?

Y'know, those cute little gold statues will crumble into dust someday.

Those beautifully chiseled Hollywood bodies, with all their red carpet attention-grabbing million dollar frocks, will rot and be food for the worms.

But Deaf reaching Deaf with the life-changing, desperately needed, ETERNITY-rocking Gospel of the Grace of God?


Something that certainly deserves to be looked at from Both Sides Now.

What if these exceptional Deaf artists could be convicted of the need and bring their own exceptional talents to the great cause of DEAF EVANGELIZATION?

(Disclaimer: I didn’t watch the Oscars, myself. Just saw the images and heard the news the following couple days)

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