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  • Ernest Richards

Special Announcement: Webpage Merger!

We are excited to announce that as of December 31, 2022, signstolife will be adding the videos, script and images of our ASL series: "Growing in Grace for the Deaf" to this webpage.

Up to now, these have all been contained on our alternate website, The video sessions have also been available to view on YouTube, where they will still continue after the December 31 date.

The change is being made for economy's sake, as well as to make the videos more readily accessible to our signstolife viewers.

The GIGFTD videos are entirely in ASL with no captions or subtitles, but the TRANSCRIPT in English is available for your perusal at any time.

If you have never checked out this unique resource, we hope you will soon! And if you have, please tell your Deaf and hearing friends!

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