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Where there is No Deaf Church

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Earlier this month, Pastor John Wyble of Living Word Deaf Church posted an article on Facebook titled, "A Letter to the Christian Who Hasn't Been to Church in a While" (

The hope was to encourage folks who had stopped coming to church to start attending again.

Several Deaf believers replied that they find it challenging to go to church when no ASL interpreters are provided, and there is no Deaf Church anywhere near to them. I thought it would be very enlightening for you to see some of those comments for yourself:

Sherri Adele: Some of us aren’t fortunate enough to have a deaf church available. Some of us aren’t even fortunate enough to have interpreters due to state cuts. What then?

John Wyble: Sherri Adele true, true… for that causes that I have been pushing for more Deaf church across America and around the world. Where to start? Lot lot of prayer and seek where Deaf people are who seek to have their own Deaf church. If you could get a group at least between 5 to 10 together with same goal and desire to start Deaf church. I’m more than happy to help. Of course with guide from God through prayer and study 📖 the WORD.

Sherri Adele: we used to have a deaf church in CT, but that closed down. Now due to state cuts, we struggle to get Interpreters. I’d love to get more information on how to start. I do understand it’s a lot of work and prayer. Thanks for sharing 😊

William Isch: I'm having hard time finding a church in Western Mass. Lack of Deaf church and not many offers asl interpreter so I been watching Live Deaf church online on Facebook

Deaf male: home churches are a thing though. No Deaf churches? Start your own.

Sherri Adele: we have tried, it’s really difficult. The deaf community here sometimes aren’t open minded and willing to listen to new perspectives and what the Bible says. We had to stop because of many personal attacks and conflicts

Grace C: agreed. Northeast America is a difficult place for Deaf to find a church.

John Wyble: Grace C, actually it is everywhere in North America. We all need to seek God’s guide out of the WORD and lot of time on knee.

Jarlene C-F: Even if there is a good Deaf church, people still don’t want to go. I am attending the Deaf church in Overland Park, Kansas and it is a wonderful church. The pastor is very blunt, which is why I highly respect my church where I am a member of.

Grace C: yes, there is a need for Deaf Church everywhere. Unfortunately, northeastern part of America is considered spiritually dry, to us northerners, anyone who lives in the south live in the Bible Belt, so we envy that! Perhaps it is not what it seems? We do need to get on our knees and pray and seek His Word.

Sherri Adele: John Wyble, I agree that there are hardening of hearts everywhere. I have to also agree with Grace, in the Northeast, it is particularly difficult. The deaf community here (and especially MA,) is very different, distant and cold. I’ve been personally attacked for my faith almost every day by the deaf community. They are deeply lost and tend to follow worldly views. Prayer is the key in opening their eyes and lifting the veil.

Sherri Adele: Grace C, I agree. I’ve been born and raised in CT, I’ve lived in VT for a few years and also in VA. I can honestly say after moving back to CT from VA, that southerners are more warm and welcoming. It was a shock in a way. Here, you get attacked viciously for even speaking your own opinion. Then everyone within the deaf community looks down upon us and judges us cruelly. Mocking Christ, calling God our imaginary friend and calling us a cult. (This is just a few examples that I’ve experienced.) Keep praying, keep standing strong and keep sharing the truth. Our rewards are in heaven and how beautiful that day will be when Jesus returns! ❤️

Sherri Adele: John Wyble, When personally attacked by many Atheists, I just keep silent. But it hurts me when they intentionally spread lies and then contradict their own actions by throwing a bible verse in my face (cherry picking) It’s incredibly difficult to pray for these people when they spread harsh lies that ruin my reputation. I could use some prayers, I miss your deaf church and Liberty’s campus church. Hope you’re all well, send my love to everyone.

Sherri Adele: Jarlene C-F, we need more blunt pastors. Ones who preach the fear of God. Preach the salvation of Jesus and not ones who sugarcoats the Bible. So many churches here support the Love everyone theory, in support of the LGBTQ community and believe there’s nothing wrong with that lifestyle. We definitely should love everyone and walk closely with Jesus, but so many people miss the point of God’s truth, as blunt as it is, it’s hard for them to accept. So they twist the Bible to fit their own lifestyle. We need a lot of prayers, Up here in the northeast. It’s exhausting at times. Thank you 🙏🏼

William Isch: lack of Deaf church in New England especially Massachusetts I'm having hard time finding a church in Western Mass. Lack of Deaf church and not many offers ASL interpreter so I been watching Live Deaf church online on Facebook.

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